Star Register

Star Light Star Bright 

Are you sick of trying to find the perfect gift for friends and family? Look no further. Star Registry, founded in 1989, allows you to name a star after anyone you want. This fantastic gift is spreading like wildfire with people, including celebrities. PDF delivery within 24 hours via email. With three different kits to choose from, each one comes with a five-piece gift kit.  

How It Works 

Naming a star is easy peasy lemon squeezy. You place the order entering vital information like your name, email, payment method, and billing address. All information is secured and stored with minimal access. Well-seasoned staff members handle all the paperwork and electronic data input.  

Star Kits to Choose From 

1. Deluxe Star Kit is only $34.00, and it comes with a five-piece gift kit, a unique webpage, and a digital certificate.  

2. Supernova Star Kit, which has the rarest and brightest stars for only $89.00. They shine bright consistently, and they also come with a five-piece gift set, a digital certificate, and a unique webpage.  

3. Twin Star Kit is only $49.00 and consists of two stars side by side. Twin stars are the perfect gift for expressing the close connection between two people. This kit comes with a unique webpage, a five-piece gift kit, and two digital certificates. 

Birthdays, Holidays, and special events are all around us. Head on over to Star Registry, check out the different kits and get ahead of last-minute shopping. They offer add-ons for a little extra cash, which is indeed the perfect gift for anyone. 

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