Star Register

Star Registry Is Fun and Creative

 The International Star Registry is a company that was founded in 1979, by Ivor Downie, who is from Toronto, Canada. In 1981, John and Phyllis Mosele bought the company and they have 12 children, one of which, now owns the company. His name is Rocky Mosele.

 This company is more for novelty, it sells the rights to give a star of your choice a name. When you buy and name the star, you get a certificate, either framed or unframed. Everyone knows that ordinary, everyday people can't really name stars legally. It's used as a way to honor someone or remember them. It's considered a fun and heartwarming novelty for loved ones.

 As of now, 3 million stars have been named and put in 9 volumes of published books called "Your Place In The Cosmos". The company is located in chicago, Illinois and it has been said that it is the first company that sells the rights to unofficially name a star.

 Here is a list of page numbers of the 9 volumes of "Your Place In The Cosmos":

 1. 530 pages.
 2. 508 pages.
 3. 388 pages.
 4. 502 pages.
 5. 680 pages.
 6. 717 pages.
 7. 773 pages.
 8. 652 pages.
 9. 943 pages.

 This has been in business for over 42 years and is obviously very popular. You don't actually "own" the star' and scientifically it doesn't mean a thing. It's more about having fun and being creative with showing love to someone. And it is completely legal.

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